mardi 26 juillet 2011

Parliamentarian Dionald Polyte (Inite, Grand'Anse) Shot Dead

LES CAYES, Haiti - Deputy Dionald Polyte (INITE) of Pestel-Beaumont (Grand'Anse, Sud-Ouest) was shot dead early Monday morning in circumstances not yet clear when his vehicle with six others passengers, crossed the town of "Catiche" near Camp Perrin (Sud).

The member of parliament was returning to the capital after attending this past weekend a harvest celebration in the communal section of Duchity.
After succumbing to injuries from the gun fire, according to Radio Kiskeya , he was rushed to the hospital in Camp Perrin, where it is assumed he was pronounced dead.
The six others passengers were unscathed in the incident. The Departmental Delegate of the Grand Anse, Wilkens Candy, was unable to specify the exact circumstances of the death of Parliament.
Elected only in the recent parliamentary elections under the banner of the former presidential platform INITE, Dionald Polyte, beat the incumbent Ronald Etienne (Front for National Reconstruction, FRN, Guy Philippe).
The losing candidate and his supporters had vigorously protested against the loss they had to be due to the manipulation by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of the votes cast.

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