mercredi 4 novembre 2015

IDB spending $65 million to improve transportation in Haiti Wednesday, November 04, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC, USA (CMC) — The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) said yesterday that it will be providing US$65 million to Haiti to improve transportation in the French-speaking Caribbean Community (Caricom) country.
The IDB said the money will improve the efficiency and safety of its transportation system and will advance regional and international integration.
It said the five-year programme, which will be carried out by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications, will increase competitiveness, connectivity and accessibility by reducing transportation costs, improving safe transport services and enhancing the country's regional and international integration.
"Specifically, the programme will rehabilitate a 29.5-kilometre stretch of the RN1 highway between Camp Coq and Vaudreuli. The grant also includes resources necessary for the rehabilitation, improvement and or maintenance of Haiti's primary and secondary road networks."
Haiti has a road network of 3,572 kilometres, of which just 15 per cent is in good condition.
"Road safety is complicated not only by the poor conditions of roadways and vehicles, but also by the lack of signage and enforcement of transit regulations. Road transport is the leading mode of transportation for cargo and passengers in Haiti, making improvement of infrastructure fundamental for economic development and for enhanced integration of the country's regions," the IDB added.