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Haiti's president-elect vows to work with opposition lawmakers

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Haiti's president-elect Michel Martelly on Friday said he is ready to collaborate with the lawmakers of the ruling party in congress and outgoing President Rene Preval's Unity Party (Inite) which won a majority of seats in both chambers according to preliminary legislative results.
"The lawmakers of Inite and my government must be united in order to face the many challenges we have," Martelly said, according to reports reached here.
Martelly, who will be inaugurated on May 14, said this collaboration will start with a round of bi-party talks and consultations with the presidents of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies in order to reach a joint decision on the appointment of Haitian prime minister.
"The next chief of government must be conciliatory and a good manager,"
Martelly told the local Metropole Radio station.
Earlier this month Preval offered to collaborate with Martelly to ensure an "efficient cooperation" between the different powers of the state.
Based on the preliminary results released by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) earlier this month the Unity Party won a majority 17 seats in the Senate out of the total of 26, while in the Chamber of Deputies (Congress) the party won 46 while only 3 seats went to Martelly's Farmers' Response Party.
The CEP earlier this week, however, announced it will postpone the release of the final results in the vote of 19 members to parliament pending investigations of allegations of irregularities, while the election observer team of the Organization of American States has called on the CEP to cancel the results in 17 districts.
Source: Xinhua

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