lundi 2 janvier 2012

Senior Haitian prosecutor resigns

SANTO DOMINGO, Jan.1 -- Haiti's Government Commissioner Lionel Constant Bourgoin, head of prosecutions in Port-au-Prince, resigned amid disagreement with the judicial measures against Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) members, sources in Port-au-Prince said Sunday. Bourgoin presented his letter of resignation to Justice Minister Pierre Michel Brunache on Saturday after refusing to arrest former CEP members including former CEP President Gaillot Dorsainvil.
The CEP was dissolved on Dec. 29 by a presidential decree.
"I sent my resignation letter to the Justice Minister because I won't risk my credibility because of the Dorsainvil case," Bourgoin told Haitian news website Haiti Press Network.
Bourgoin said the restrictions that the government wants to impose on CEP members violate their rights and freedom. "We must get rid of old practices of arresting people for everything," he said.
On Friday, the Haitian authorities barred Dorsainvil and other CEP members from leaving Haiti, due to a charge of alleged embezzlement.
Dorsainvil's lawyer Osner Fevry said that his client was removed from an airplane when he intended to leave Haiti Friday morning at Toussaint Louverture International Airport.
Last week, Dorsainvil started to prepare his defense against several charges and declared he was able to organize the next elections in Haiti.
He hadn't appeared in public since October.

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