mardi 14 février 2017

‘WHO DATES A HAITIAN?’ Jamaican’s let loose on social media after Haitian chops off Hanover wife’s hands

Jamaicans wasted no time Monday venting on social media after Loop News reported that a man from Haiti chopped off the hands of his estranged wife in Hanover Monday morning.
“Who dates a Haitian? My god, what a wicked man... These Haitian need to leave our country, we have enough wicked Jamaicans already, they must be found and deported,” Gemini Queen posted on Facebook.
“Who tell Jamaican to start a relationship with those guys?” asked Paul Leslie in a post on the social media platform.
Rowe Angela commented: “My granny tell me two man I must stay far from is a African and a Haitian.”
“I share the same sentiments as your granny...I fraid a dem bad,” Michelle Adriane Lemon responded.
“Dam! Who would date a Haitian man? I wonder if the doctor will be able to reattach her arms, even one would be good. The man leave the poor woman helpless, this is what you call evil,” Lesa Thomas wrote. Others, like Du-famous Dontae' Samuels, is of the view that all Haitians should be deported.
“Need to fi find the Haitians n deport them! Other nationals out here a hike up our crime rate, smh,” he posted.
“Oh. So dem married inna 2015 n divorce inna 2016… really nw... Who wants a Haitian man?!! Well update is that the police catch him… They need to chop off his arms n deport him… Ole wicked…” Juliet Richards commented.
Annmarie Wright posted: “Who in dem right mind want a damn impoverished Haitian man? Sorry that happen still.”
Justin Cisceron allegedly chopped off his wife’s hands minutes after 7 am Monday as she made her way to work in her Mt Peto community of Hanover.
She was also chopped in the back.
Cisceron reportedly fled the scene and was later held at his home in St James.
He was transported to the Ramble Police Station, in Hanover, for questioning.
The two married in 2015 and separated December 2016.
Source: http://www.loopjamaica.com/content/%E2%80%98who-dates-haitian%E2%80%99-jamaican%E2%80%99s-let-loose-social-media-after-haitian-man-chops-hanover-wife%E2%80%99s

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