lundi 18 juillet 2016

Prominent Dominican politico slams Washington, Haiti, Big Business

Santo Domingo.- Prominent author and veteran politico Euclides Gutiérrez on Monday said the US government and Pope Francis were behind the appointment Francisco Ozoria as Archbishop of Santo Domingo, the Catholic Church’s top post in the country.
The also member of the ruling PLD party’s to echelon the Political Committee, said Ozoria is known for working in favor of Haitian immigrants. Ozoria replaces cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, whom Gutierrez defined as "a true patriot."
In an article on newspaper El Nacional, Gutierrez says Ozoria’s appointment together with two other measures taken outside the country harms Dominican Republic’s present and future sovereignty.
The also member of the Dominican Academy of History and co-founder of the PLD said Washington’s the suspension of the aid for the Haitian elections set for October 9 and Port-au-Prince’s ban of Dominican products are linked to the prelate’s appointment.,br> The political leader claims having evidence to support his claims on the three measures he affirms harm the country.
Suspended aid
According to Gutierrez, the US government suspended the aid for the elections in Haiti, announced by John Kirly, and that the US$33 million were "stolen" in that country.
Import Haiti banned the overland import of Dominican products, a move which Gutierrez says threatens national interests, and has been criticized by the Dominican government, which has demanded an explanation from Port-au-Prince.
Calls to defend the Government
Gutierrez also asked the PLD to defend the government because the three measures taken within two months and from the "meddling" by the National Business Council (CONEP), the Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (Finjus), Citizen Participation, shipping companies and other “supposed” civil society entities in matters not of their scope, are eventually detrimental to the sovereignty and dignity of the Dominican people.

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