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Haiti: Elections & Democracy in reversal

By EvanPallis

| Posted 17 août 2015 00:36
| Port-au-Prince, Haiti 1 There is nothing promised in the upcoming Presidential Elections in Haiti. With legislative Elections nearly four years over due and a society reeling from the pressures of compatriots being deported from Dominican Republic, some of which do not speak French nor Haitian Creole.
Many who are second generation Dominicans find very little assistance from the current administration. The current Head of State Michel Martelly seems determined to awaken his Jekyll & Hyde persona and run an election for his party PHTK . Sweet Mickey his alias most commonly used when performing his carnival like anthems. This persona is as unpredictable as a North Korean Missile.
Michel Martelly also know as Sweet Mickey may be one of the most colorful heads of States. From wearing women under garments to entertaining reveling concert goers, interviews where he admits to the abuse of crack-cocaine, gyrating on men at concerts to potently verbally abusing women on his most recent campaign trail. Michel Martelly a.k.a Sweet Mickey has arguably represented a reversal in Democracy, for a fragile society still finding its foothold on defining how democracy will look like in Haiti.
With nearly five years in office Martelly’s mandate as head of State has accumulated to 5 essential failures:
1. The lack of educational institutions for the youth in the country that represents nearly 60% of the population under the age of 35
2. 172,000 people still live in make shift housing homeless from the January 12th 2010 Earth Quake
3. Prevalence of global acute malnutrition (GAM) amongst Haitian children under 5 has risen to 6.5 percent
4. The corrosion of Democratic values during his term  impunity for the rule of law
5. The lack of fiscal accountability during his governments term

With August 9th 2015 Elections still in political paralysis, the media, the voters and the candidates seem intoxicated from the polluted voting environment which was presented to the citizens of Haiti.
After 10-Years of MINUSTAH United Nations Peace keeping Forces and the current Haitian Government provided the electorate with nothing short of a devilish carnival like atmosphere. Chaos, violence and ballot stuffing by Bouclier, P.H.T.K and Verite ruled the day with impunity.

The only people whom were satisfied with the conditions for voting were Michel Martelly, United Nations, Washington D.C, Paris and Canada.

But the questions lies; in a democratic society would any of these countries accept these conditions for there citizens? why should then the people of Haiti? are they any less deserving?

The Presidential Haitian Election seems to narrow down to five viable candidates from the crowded field all jockeying for the post of the hardest job in the Western Hemisphere.
Jude Celestin
Maryse Narcisse
Jean Charles Moise
Steeve Khawly
Steven Benoit
The world awaits as democracy in Haiti seems to be in jeopardy once again. The citizens of Haiti thirst democracy but there seems to be a simmering tension on the verge of implosion if free and fair elections is not at the forefront of everyone's agenda.
A former professor of London School of Economics and now and adjacent professor at Geneva University in Switzerland Evan Pallis is now based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti covering the Presidential and Senatorial Elections.

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