vendredi 29 août 2014

OAS Urges Haiti to Hold Elections

August 28, 2014 | 5:10 pm |
By the Caribbean Journal staff
The Organization of American States’ Permanent Council has adopted a declaration urging Haiti’s government to hold long-delayed legislative and municipal elections by the end of this year.
The OAS declaration called on Haiti’s three branches of government to comply with the El Rancho agreement that was reached earlier this year. The elections have been delayed for nearly three years.
St Lucia Ambassador Sonia Johnny, the chair of the permanent council, said the declaration supports “the efforts of a member state to be able to hold elections in accordance with the terms of its constitution and with other agreements.”
The El Rancho accord had called for elections to be held on Oct. 26.
“Unfortunately this agreement is now facing great difficulties,” said Edmond Bocchit, Haiti’s permanent representative to the regional body. “You supported us, encouraged all actors to respect their commitments, and today I come to seek the solidarity of the OAS and its member states regarding a situation facing our nation, because we know that the well-being of Haiti’s democracy must be a priority for the region.”
OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza said the OAS would continue to accompany Haiti’s political process through “high-level visits” and the presence of an office in Haiti.
“On the first of January if there are no elections Haiti will be left without a Senate, therefore we’ll be left without a constitutional institution,” Insulza said. “The international community, including the OAS, can only assist in this process of democratic consolidation and then only upon the request of the legitimately elected Government of Haiti. From this perspective we hope that all stakeholders in the political process continue to work together to create the best circumstances for stability and growth and security.”

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